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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Malia Group websites and social media pages disclose information about the Group and gather information about visitors.

This notice is the online privacy policy of the Group regulating data gathering, storage and usage of information received by the Group through its websites and pages. It covers the Group’s websites and pages as listed at the end of this policy.

Data Gathering Malia Group websites and pages gather data from visitors. Such data may be personal contacts and addresses, personal and professional information, payment information, requests, customer related information, browser data, cookies, IP information, and other. Data gathered by Malia Group websites and pages is restricted to data provided by the visitor freely or requested from the visitor with their consent.

Data Conservation The data gathered is stored on dedicated servers and supported by the web developer. Information security and integrity is ensured by professionals inside the Group who apply state of the art protocols and measures.

Data Usage Information privately shared is considered private and confidential and is accessed strictly for business usage, such as research, statistics, marketing and advertising needs, and in general, to improve our services and our relation with visitors. It is not shared with any third party. Data may be shared strictly on requisition by competent authorities.

Malia Group complies and responds to visitors requesting their shared data to be deleted.

Information publicly shared is considered public and does not engage Malia Group in any obligation of protection or confidentiality.

Data Risks The data gathered contains personal and professional information about visitors who may wish to safeguard their confidentiality. In parallel, such data being stored at Malia Group may become vulnerable to hacking. Such risks may expose the visitors and subjugate them to technological attacks.

We at Malia Group, understand such risks, and for this, we invest heavily in information security on a continuous basis. All our websites are protected with encryption and signed with a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority company.

Disclaimer This Privacy Policy applies to all of the Malia Group websites and social media pages. It does not apply to:
  • Malia Group websites and pages having specific privacy policies;
  • Third party websites and pages that are displayed on Malia Group websites and pages.

This Privacy Policy may be subject to change without prior notice. Changes to the Policy become effective immediately upon publication. Using the websites and social media pages following publication of changes constitutes an acknowledgement of the updated Policy.

List of Malia Group websites and social media pages:
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